Saturday, June 8, 2013

Anyone Can Do It- Yoga Myths Debunked

Yoga Myths DEBUNKED Anyone Can Do It The great thing about yoga is that virtually anyone can practice it! Don’t be intimidated by the exotic bends and pretzel-like twists you sometimes see adept practitioners putting their bodies into. The truth is: There is a yoga practice that is right for your body and stage in life, and regular practice will bring you all the benefits yoga has to offer! The Myth – I have always been as stiff as cement, so I can’t do yoga. The Truth – Unless you are ballet dancer or gymnast, it’s very normal if you feel tight, so don’t worry if touching your toes seems impossible. The good news is that with regular practice, yoga is extremely effective at improving flexibility. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Myth – I already work out at the gym, I don’t need to do yoga too. The Truth – Although many forms of exercise provide a wonderful physical workout, only yoga can also claim to be a therapeutic system that helps heal injuries, improve chronic illness, and balance mental stress. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Myth – Yoga is just for girls. The Truth – While it’s true that certain things (like pink lip gloss) are just for girls, yoga is not one of them. Historically, some of the greatest yoga teachers for over 2000 years have been men.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

New supplement for every body TRIPHALA

Triphala ("three fruits"), an herb originating in India, has been found to act as a complete body cleanser. Not only does Triphala help to detoxify and cleanse the colon, it also purifies the blood and removes toxins from the liver. Triphala is an Ayurvedic herbal rasayana churna consisting of equal parts of three myrobalans, taken without seed: Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). Amalaki (emblica officinalis), commonly known as Indian gooseberry or amla, is considered one of the best rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda. It’s a strong natural antioxidant containing 20 times more vitamin C than orange juice. In India, amalaki is known as the “nurse herb” because it strengthens the immune system and cools the body, balancing the Pitta dosha. Haritaki (terminalia chebula) has the strongest laxative powers of the three fruits contained in triphala. In Tibet, haritaki is so highly revered that in their sacred paintings, it’s often depicted in the extended palm of the medicine Buddha. The herb also has astringent properties and balances Vata. Bibhitaki (terminalia belerica) is an excellent rejuvenative with both laxative and astringent properties. It eliminates excess mucous in the body, balancing the Kapha dosha. In addition, bibhitaki is a powerful treatment for a variety of lung conditions, including bronchitis and asthma. Other benefits: •Improves digestion, •Reduces serum cholesterol, •Improves circulation (potentiates adrenergic function), •Contains 31% linoleic acid, •Exerts a marked cardio-protective effect, •Reduces high blood pressure, •Improves liver function, •Has proven anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, •Expectorant, hypotensive. Triphala is traditionally taken and works best when taken as a powder. The average dose is from one to two teaspoons of the powder in a little water once in the evening or three times daily for blood and general body purification. It can also be taken regularly once a week with great benefit since it promotes balanced cleansing and detoxification. The tablets are for convenience since many find the powder too have too unpleasant a flavor for the more spoiled tastes of Westerners. Triphala has been found to be very effective for helping to control weight gain, chronic constipation and as an adjunctive treatment for many chronic degenerative conditions. In recent years, a number of research studies have found new uses for this herb, including treatment for various forms of cancer. It is also found to have high antioxidant qualities, and is even useful for treatment against noise and stress induced conditions

Friday, March 29, 2013


STRENGTH TRAINING IS FOR EVERY BODY Strength training is an integral part of a well-rounded exercise program, and is recommended for both sexes of all ages..... The intensity of your resistance training can achieve a number of beneficial changes in your body, which will also help slow down (and many cases stop) many of the diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Strength training has a beneficial impact on: strength and muscle mass, body composition, blood lipids, bone density, cardiorespiratory fitness, and gene expression. STRENGTH TRAINING FOR WOMEN Strength training needs to be part of your weekly exercise routine. Remember as we age we lose muscle mass. With strength training you can get back muscle mass and tone and strengthen the body. This in turn will increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories. Strength training doesn’t have to be heavy weight lifting. Instead try doing resistance band exercises or dumbbell exercises. These methods of strength training provide enough resistance to effectively build lean muscles. Find other ways to become more active in addition to structured exercise. Do gardening during the spring and summer months, take up riding bikes with the grandkids or get your significant other out for some dancing out on the town. PER DR MERCOLA Research has shown that strength training in the elderly reversed oxidative stress and returned gene expression in 179 genes to a more youthful level, making them 10 years “younger”. Ideally, you’ll want to include a variety of exercises for a well-rounded fitness regimen. Strength training is an important component as it’s the number one way for you to remain strong, young, and independent well into old age.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

What kind of results can I expect to see from classes?

What kind of results can I expect to see from classes? We encourage clients to attend classes or private sessions at least 3-4 times a week for genuine results. With this level of participation, you should notice: 1. You are stronger after just one week! 2. Your pants fit better after just two weeks! 3. You have often dropped an entire size in about a month! 4. You start to lose real weight in about two months!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Well-planned, healthy snacks can complement your weight-loss plan. Here are creative and healthy ways to satisfy your hunger. Have healthy snacks available at home and bring nutrient-dense snacks to eat when on the go. Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds provide protein, so you will feel fuller longer. They are high in fat, but it's mostly monounsaturated, a healthy kind of fat. Nuts and seeds are high in calories, however, so don't eat them in large quantities. WATCH YOUR PORTIONS! Snacks can be a dieter's best friend, if you choose the right ones. ... Lose weight, eat healthy and get fit HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITES Trader Joe's Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips Trader Joe's QuinoaTortilla Chips Trader Joe's Soy & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips Trader Joe's olive oil potato chips Trader Joe's unsalted nuts of any kind unsalted pepitas pumpkin seeds Michael Season's Thin & Crispy Unsalted Potato Chip Beanitos Black Bean Chips Beanitos Pinto Bean Chips Sugar free Nips caramel candy Garden of Eatin' Black Bean Tortilla Chips Garden of Eatin' Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips