Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fat Loss supplements really do work!

Fat Loss supplements really do work! • CLA—you can lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 2 pounds of muscle without dieting or exercise. Tonalin CLA is a very efficient diet product and when used with regular exercise along with a healthy diet can really have some great results. The Conjugated Linoesic Acid, which is the key ingredient of the dietary supplement, is naturally available in safflower oil, dairy products, meat and animal food can effectively prevent fat absorption to keep an individual fit and lean. TAKE 2 SOFTGELS TWICE PER DAY • Green tea extract—burn 180 more calories a day, feel more alert, plus use one ofthe most powerful antioxidants. TAKE ONE CAPSULE IN THE MORNING • Ginger it can increase the metabolism and assist with fat burning TAKE 2 CAPSULES IN THE AM • Carbohydrate-inhibitors—stop starches from turning into fat. - with white kidney bean extract • HCA—control appetite, and get off a weight-loss plateau- TAKE 2 CAPSULES IN THE AM • soluble fibers—feel fuller more quickly at a meal, and less hungry- TAKE 3 CAPSULES IN THE EVE • Turbo-charged fat-burning exercise